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#1: Dr_Indigo said at 2009-02-2 3:24PM:

I enjoyed watching Reconstruction, the new series will be exciting.
#2: dragonmanweb said at 2009-02-2 3:40PM:

Seeing as how RT was kind enough to put total cliffhangers over many aspects of the show, I'm in the "foaming at the mouth" area.
#3: TuckerTaylor said at 2009-02-3 1:07PM:

foaming at the mouth fo sho...can't wait for the new series, i'm about to die here with out more new stuff to check out

-Bow Chicka Bow Wow
#4: AgentTexas said at 2009-02-4 12:24PM:

I'm so excited!I hope they bring back Tex and Tucker soon!
#5: iwantalife said at 2009-02-7 5:56PM:

I can't wait for Tex Tucker and Dounut. i think that the new miniseries will be about Tucker and Dounut.
#6: Dizzle13 said at 2009-02-9 8:01PM:

I have been waiting for this moment. I have a couple guesses, but I'm predicting that this mini series will be about Tucker. Let's see what happens. ^_^
#7: EPICGAMING said at 2013-03-19 10:33PM:


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