Would you sponsor here if it meant more content and features?
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#1: JulyFlame said at 2005-11-24 5:00PM:

I wouldn't sponsor this site. This is an information giving site. Even if it is information for an entertaining show.

I would give you money for no reason whatsoever though.
#2: Bloo said at 2005-11-24 5:10PM:

I don't pay for anything.
#3: Lopez_55 said at 2005-11-24 10:49PM:

No really, are you on drugs? I mean, one website is good enough.
#4: 007bond said at 2005-11-25 1:33AM:

Defenitely only if I never have to pay again.
But I don't see how you're gonna transcript the episodes any sooner by us sponsoring you.
#5: spartan911 said at 2005-11-25 3:04PM:

I ditto JulyFlame 100%
#6: DiMono said at 2005-11-25 3:44PM:

You have to admit, "Are you stoned?" is the most awesome poll option in the history of the world.

Sponsor benefits would include (but not be limited to):
  • Earlier access to transcripts. I'd be transcribing them as soon as they're available to RT sponsors and putting them up here for you.
  • More content. I have a few site ideas in mind that I won't spoil for you that would be just for sponsors. One feature I will spoil for you is "behind the scenes info" wherever I can talk RT in to giving it to me.
  • View poll results before you vote.
  • Rate content from -5 to 5 rather than -1 to 1
  • If I can arrange it, the original shooting scripts so you can compare them to what was actually said in the episode
  • If I implement profiles on this site, more places to share your information.
#7: DiMono said at 2005-11-25 3:45PM:

DiMono said:
# View poll results before you vote.
# Rate content from -5 to 5 rather than -1 to 1
These two are actually already coded, just waiting for sponsors to be able to use them.
#8: Kingsy said at 2005-11-25 6:18PM:

Well they're not hard to code.

And why haven't you added CSS to this input box?
#9: DeeMonstar said at 2005-11-25 10:54PM:

I change my vote from 'Are you stoned?' to 'At $5-10 for a year? I guess.'
#10: yellowhat said at 2005-11-25 11:17PM:

I might sponsor if I got a cool profile
an image like roosterteeth.com
that would do it
#11: Gilluin said at 2005-11-26 2:17AM:

I most likely would if you did something like that. But only the 5-10 a year as this is only an information giving site, like JulyFlame said. It would be nice to have a profile on here though, even if it was a simple one that just makes it so that you can have a pic or something and possibly a place for other stuff like what your name is on RT or other random crap...
#12: DeeMonstar said at 2005-11-26 2:00PM:

Will we have a sexy star?
#13: Pantophobia said at 2005-11-27 2:04AM:

If we have profiles with pics and crap, then I might be tempted.
#14: furbylord said at 2005-11-27 4:54PM:

i like choice D)$10 = lifetime

i would not be willing to to be a sponsor every 6 months or a year on 2 sites, one is enough

also maybe add sponsor only trancripts
#15: DiMono said at 2005-11-28 10:08AM:

DeeMonstar said:
Will we have a sexy star?
I assure you, there will be at least one way to tell at a glance who's a sponsor.
#16: Bowman1410 said at 2005-11-29 11:48PM:

I'd pay once a year....that's not too bad for me.
#17: comrade693 said at 2005-11-30 5:07PM:

Well now that I read DiMono's posts, I want to change my vote. I'd pay once a year.
#18: CrimsonGhost said at 2005-12-1 2:17PM:

ok dimono, I'll sponsor, but only if you will be my friend
can we get videos of you and gus in a lightsaber battle?
#19: Gilluin said at 2005-12-2 7:55PM:

yes, if this did become more than an info site I would pay as much as I do for RT..
#20: xox1011 said at 2006-02-14 10:09PM:

I would probally pay 5 to ten bucks a year for more content and information.

Bandwith costs money and this site would not be here without bandwith or it would be down alot. Sponsorships would help the cost's of bandwith and would allow more things to be posted on the website. Maintaining a site like this is very helpful and I would contribute some money for the site and If there was a sponsorship like RvB has I would most likely sign up for it.

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