What did you think of Relocated Part 1?
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#1: MongooseGuy4 said at 2009-02-12 6:09PM:

#2: dragonmanweb said at 2009-02-12 7:34PM:

What MongooseGuy4 said.
#3: ArcGab said at 2009-02-14 7:11AM:

#4: iwantalife said at 2009-02-14 7:04PM:

what dragonmanweb said.
#5: Hi1820 said at 2009-02-15 8:42PM:

what iwantalife said
#6: TuckerTaylor said at 2009-02-17 7:34AM:

Ur all retarded...it was ok but needs more
#7: BuckeyeDon said at 2009-02-18 8:59PM:

It was good to see the Reds getting back to - well - being the Reds. I like it that we can find out now what Caboose is up to - I was expecting to have to wait until the new season starts.
#8: davidnt2 said at 2009-02-22 10:38PM:

aww back to good ol dumb episodes of red vs blue. its nice to have some funny stupid episodes for a change. cant wait till season 2 though!
#9: IxxMercxxI said at 2009-02-24 5:32PM:

#10: JuiceCaboose said at 2009-05-1 2:35AM:

What Hi1820 said 0.o
#11: spartanpwner said at 2009-05-18 9:56AM:

What Hi1820 said
#12: TheSylvester said at 2009-05-28 7:22PM:

Awesome. The entire mini-series was great.
#13: spartanpwner said at 2009-06-9 9:41AM:

we need more transcriptts
#14: Asid12 said at 2009-09-16 12:49PM:

Really liked it.

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