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#1: Andyroyd said at 2005-12-6 2:39AM:

I didn't realize there was doubt...
#2: furbylord said at 2005-12-6 5:31PM:

it has to be Godzilla-gnomes (short godzilli), man
#3: Lopez_55 said at 2005-12-7 3:36PM:

#4: OddSenorTaco said at 2005-12-8 10:46PM:

gnomezilla ahhhhh
#5: dtape said at 2005-12-13 7:21PM:

#6: monkeysteak said at 2005-12-26 8:50AM:

Well...we don't exactly know that Griggs killed her... We couldn't see what kind of green make-up it. That episode was in black and white... and the fact Griggs ran away when they saw that make-up could mean he could be working for the person (or gnome) who dud kill Nikki and was running to him/her/it to tell he/she/it that they had been found out...

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