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#1: ShadowStylez said at 2005-12-16 11:28AM:

There is an old Klingon proverb: "Today is a good day to die!" I think it's appropriate for this situation.
#2: forensic said at 2005-12-17 4:07PM:

Thank you! I had always thought this since the instant i saw hte episode!
#3: JTMitchell87 said at 2005-12-17 4:29PM:

I'm just waiting for the high pitched voices to scream, "THE FLAG!"
#4: furbylord said at 2005-12-18 6:23PM:

i hpoe they re-use the line "It's the beast! The anti-flag, come to live among us and rule us for seven years! The end is nigh!"
#5: Crunchbite said at 2006-01-9 12:25PM:

Yeah, it's definitly those newbies from Battle Creek, no one else
( that just sucks beyond belief!)

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