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#1: Tsingwa said at 2005-12-20 12:48PM:

I certainly hope we see him again
#2: forensic said at 2005-12-20 12:52PM:

Yo soy, Lopez, La pezado! Or whatever the spelling is. The only spanish words I know are Andelay and Arriba!
#3: CrimsonGhost said at 2005-12-20 7:43PM:

I miss lopez, I hope we see him in blood gulch with Sheila soon, poor lopez *sniffle* he was such a good robot
#4: tjxlinkin said at 2005-12-20 8:04PM:

Lopez is great and burnie will never let one of his characters die we all know that
#5: Lopez_55 said at 2005-12-21 9:03PM:

:( I miss Lopez
#6: Bloo said at 2005-12-22 6:11PM:

Lopez is gone, maybe a new robot will come
#7: nofxmn1 said at 2005-12-22 8:05PM:

Y would they make a shirt of him?
and burnies lame without him!
#8: spartan911 said at 2005-12-23 12:10PM:

Burnie needs more voices...I mean come on, it's Burnie!
#9: Crunchbite said at 2005-12-24 8:30PM:

Lopez WAS shot in the head by Tex, but he's back in episode fifty-six or something which, in my opinion, really sucks and then doesn't; how ironic.
#10: furbylord said at 2005-12-25 5:56PM:

burnies is ego needs a little more fluffing

its been looking a little small lately
#11: monkeysteak said at 2005-12-26 8:43AM:

Lopez is okay... he will come back... but I would rather see
#12: monkeychief7 said at 2005-12-26 2:30PM:

Burnie daoes have a huge ego.......
#13: DiMono said at 2005-12-28 4:52AM:

I just fixed the sixth poll option. Stupid bbcode parser...
#14: DeeMonstar said at 2006-01-2 6:22PM:

I accidently voted: It doesn't matter, I don't watch the show anyway.

#15: Tex said at 2006-01-3 6:59PM:

I really hope so! He, O'malley and Vic would be very welcome to rejoin the characters at any moment as far as I'm concerned! They had me in stitches and Andy, funny as he is, just doesn't compare to O'malley.
#16: Tarpit said at 2006-01-4 8:30PM:

I think that it is almost imperative that he returns. I'm not saying this because I want him to, I'm saying this out of reason. It doesn't seem like RT to kill off one of their characters. Hell, they even brought back those drugees from Battle Creek. Plus, O'Malley is likely to show up again. He's not tangible, you can't kill him with guns. Just with the inability to go anywhere. And since when were anybody's radios turned off when Doc was shot? It's like Simmons said, "you always leave your radios on".
#17: JOKERmaniac said at 2006-02-25 7:12PM:

he will retrun in episode 73 when church calls doc and we hear lopez.
So lopez is BACK

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