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#1: JTMitchell87 said at 2006-01-3 4:56AM:

Red vs Blue definently. I crave more episodes and to know what's going to happen next.
#2: andrew2 said at 2006-01-3 9:33AM:

Definitely Red vs. Blue.
#3: Lopez_55 said at 2006-01-3 3:28PM:

I think The Strangerhood.
#4: Tex said at 2006-01-3 6:58PM:

It better had be rvb!
#5: Pantophobia said at 2006-01-3 11:28PM:

They haven't made a Strangerhood in a while, so I'm willing to go with that.
#6: fatguy2006 said at 2006-01-4 3:37PM:

umm...umm..umm Tragic accidents yeah
#7: furbylord said at 2006-01-5 8:32PM:

i want my rvbtv
#8: Echo_Boomer said at 2006-01-6 12:48AM:

Yea, i think it will be RVB.
#9: Crunchbite said at 2006-01-6 2:32PM:

Yeah, I agree with Tex; rvb is #1!! And I agree with everyone who wants rvb to be first.
#10: Fox2 said at 2006-01-8 3:58PM:

Definetly RvB.
#11: ShadowStylez said at 2006-01-8 4:27PM:

Yeah... I don't care.
#12: mandos said at 2006-01-11 8:41AM:

I know rvb for a fact, because they have already posted one. (if the new years video counts.)

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