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#1: Tex said at 2006-01-12 3:28PM:

I love Simmons! The sooner he goes on the rampage with a big gun the happier I'll be! He could never kill Grif though... could he? Probably leave him alive just to spite Sarge.
#2: Donut449 said at 2006-01-13 8:13PM:

Simmons can kick everyones BUTT!! MUAHAHAH OWN THEM ALL SIMMONS!
#3: Froman said at 2006-01-16 7:22PM:

If he does do it its not going to be this season.
#4: Crunchbite said at 2006-01-17 12:04PM:

Simmons is a good guy; he wouldn't hurt a fly... No, that's Donut. Yeah, Simmons will probably snap near the end of season 4.
#5: Cabooseizblu said at 2006-01-25 4:33PM:

have you notice the tank thing....really he was WAY too depressed about that! He's going to kill himself.....then end up like church...(if your stupid or blonde) a ghost
#6: Crunchbite said at 2006-01-27 2:23PM:

I'm telling you, Simmons... won't...Wait, that's Donut. I mean Donut... won't... kill... anyone! But Simmons sure as hell will. (Poor guy; all he's got left is... Sheila, I think... ah, what the hell!)

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