Who is your favourite member of the Red Team?
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#1: comrade693 said at 2006-01-22 12:58AM:

Who doesn't like Sarge? Although Simmons is a close second in my book.
#2: Pantophobia said at 2006-01-22 3:07AM:

'The ramp'?
#3: fatguy2006 said at 2006-01-22 12:37PM:

Yeah the ramp you know the ramp in Halo 1... *sigh* ok damnit read the characters on red team
#4: Tex said at 2006-01-22 4:55PM:

very close tie between Grif and Simmons! Love em!!
#5: Donut449 said at 2006-01-22 7:46PM:

#6: NotABluetard said at 2006-01-22 8:19PM:

Sarge, all the way.
#7: furbylord said at 2006-01-22 8:43PM:

I <3 Ramp
#8: brimcon said at 2006-01-22 10:23PM:

Dude! Grif all the way! I mean come on! He's the smartest one of the bunch... and a hero among lazy people... He's in the army... and DOES NOTHING!
#9: Kabuse said at 2006-01-22 10:35PM:

Procrastinators unite...

#10: Tarpit said at 2006-01-22 10:35PM:

I like Donut a lot. It's funny to see somebody so blantanly girly and laid back towards letting their own homosexual tendencies known.
#11: Froman said at 2006-01-22 11:36PM:

Go ramp go, Show those sacks of meat what inanimate objects that are at slight angles are what really make an army.
#12: Crunchbite said at 2006-01-23 2:28PM:

Simmons is a good guy, well at least when Grif's not around, but other then that, a good guy when it comes to being smart... other than Sarge; no offense... no, seriously. GO SIMMONS!!!
#13: AshamedGoril said at 2006-01-23 3:17PM:

Between the ramp and grif...ooooooooooo tough choice
#14: mrhanky05 said at 2006-01-24 3:27PM:

I like grif but the polls are closed
#15: Lopez_55 said at 2006-01-24 4:18PM:

#16: Cabooseizblu said at 2006-01-25 4:30PM:

Grif...lazy...hates work.....like me
#17: Crunchbite said at 2006-01-26 1:48PM:

Simmons rocks! He's the smartest guy on Red Team. Heh, maybe they might have a poll that says "Who's your favorite member on BlueTeam" next time.
#18: Crestfallen said at 2006-01-27 2:51AM:

simmons! go maroon!
#19: realdeal_55 said at 2006-01-27 12:17PM:

Ramp power all the way!
#20: trenten said at 2006-01-27 1:52PM:

donut is my fvorite
#21: Crunchbite said at 2006-01-27 2:14PM:

My first choices came down to Simmons, Sarge, or Grif. If I could answer more than once, I would've chosen those three and Donut. But since I can't, I chose Simmons. (Please, don't be angry!)
#22: trumpeteer said at 2006-01-27 6:20PM:

Two words: THE. RAMP.!
#23: Lode said at 2006-01-28 4:30PM:

Somehow, Grif is one of the only guy who make sense in Blood Gulch.

But before O'Mally took Caboose as a host, Caboose was the only one how acctualy made the most sense.
#24: trenten said at 2006-01-31 8:40PM:

#25: SnoochyBooch said at 2006-03-29 12:14PM:

Donut449 is correct Donut can beat everybody....If you know what I mean....SARGE FOR PRESIDENT !! i'm just kidding Donut is cool.But Sarge PWNs ALL!!
#26: black hawk said at 2006-07-1 5:37AM:

#27: Macdaddy said at 2007-08-27 4:01PM:

Griff he's just like me
#28: churchgirl77 said at 2008-11-26 12:38PM:

Grif is such a smartass!!!!!!!! but that's why we all love him.
#29: richalexson said at 2010-07-10 1:41AM:

Dirtbag. Sarge of course.
#30: EPICGAMING said at 2013-03-19 10:35PM:

All of 'em! GO REDZ!!!!

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