Translations - Red vs Blue

Episode 63 - Spanish

Para Español, marque número dos.
For Spanish, press the number two.
My Comment:
How is it Donut speaks better Spanish than Lopez?

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#1: syrix said at 2005-11-17 12:56AM:

your right.

and how is it that o'mally can understand lopez the whole time, but cant speak spanish himself.
#2: Crunchbite said at 2006-03-22 2:05PM:

Better Spanish

Because Lopez is a robot, and Donut isn't. Simple as that.
#3: Sarge51 said at 2006-04-5 9:06PM:


that acutally reminds me of when donut talks to Lopez later on in i think episode 75 where Donut can barely talk spanish properly where he says what people want him to say.
#4: Dr_Indigo said at 2008-02-17 2:38PM:

This may explain it:

Is it possible that you hear that option at big time companies people call and he knows this well, or that it's something that will be explained in episode 75?

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