Translations - Red vs Blue

Chapter 5 - Spanish

Ese agujero es el rededor como su boca gorda grande.
How can that one go there? That's a round hole just like your big fat mouth.
That hole is the vicinity like your big fat mouth.
¿Cómo ello se puede va allí? Eso es un hoyo redondo como su boca gorda y grande.
My Comment:
According to Burnie, this line was uncaptioned to help the sight gag of Caboose sneaking. 'Meaning' indicates what the line should translate to based on Burnie's journal entry
Esta es un martillo idiota.
This is a hammer you fucking idiot.
This is a hammer idiot.
Esto es un martillo puñetero idiota de vos.
Translator Comment:
This is Latin American dialectal to match the style of some of Lopez's other insults. If you don't want dialectal you can put 'usted' there instead of 'vos.'

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