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December 6, 2005 - And then there was full swing...
Alright, there are a few things to announce in this news post. First, the days of site-related polls are over... or at least on hold for a while. Now that the site is up and running smoothly (over 6000 unique IP hits... w00t!), it's time to start using the polls for their original purpose... fun! The new poll, which went up about 10 hours ago, asks why you think Griggs killed Nikki in The Strangerhood.

Also, the transcript for Red vs Blue episode 68: Getting All Misty is now up. Follow the R's: read, rate, rejoice.

I have some other stuff to work on over the next couple days, but I should be able to write up the rest of the episode analysese for PANICS by the end of the week. And that wasn't just a cheap excuse to list this news item under PANICS too... I promise.
2005-12-6 10:29AM · Comments (2)
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#1: Pantophobia said at 2005-12-6 6:48PM:

(over 6000 unique IP hits... w00t!)

Your'e starting to sound like those idiots at RVB that like to put the "1st Post!!!!!!!!" comments on the video archive.
#2: x_void said at 2005-12-15 9:59PM:

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