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December 14, 2005 - Episode Sex Position
The transcript for Red vs Blue episode 69 is up in the archive. I'm not going to link it for you though, because that would be allowing you to be lazy. Step up to the plate!
2005-12-14 9:45PM · Comments (3)
Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs Blue
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#1: Gilluin said at 2005-12-15 1:00AM:

Oh man and on finals week too.....I see through your evil plan. You want us to actually click more than once don't you!!......j/k I am way tired right now. Thanks for the update though, I was wondering when you would get it up.
#2: x_void said at 2005-12-15 9:59PM:

#3: ShadowStylez said at 2005-12-15 11:45PM:

Yeah... thanks.
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