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December 17, 2005 - The Holiday Season
I've heard a rumor that RT will be taking the next month or so off from work (mostly) to be with family for the holidays. That's not going to stop me from providing more content for you, I'm going to keep writing stuff for you to read because that's what I do. Look for more episode analysis in the coming weeks, as well as a couple surprises.

I'm also going to be updating the code behind this site a little bit. You've probably already noticed some of this as the layout of feedback comments and news items have both been changed to something a little nicer.

Finally, a brand new poll went up the other day asking this very important question: Who's guarding the temple in the Freezing Plains? Sign in or sign up to make your opinion heard!
2005-12-17 4:00PM · Comments (3)
Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs Blue
Comments (1-3 of 3)
#1: forensic said at 2005-12-17 4:06PM:

Romours are always annoying, and even worse when they are true. This is no exception.
#2: ShadowStylez said at 2005-12-18 7:47PM:

You really do like me!
#3: DiMono said at 2005-12-19 9:55AM:

Yeah, but don't let it get out.
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