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April 26, 2011 - Apropos of Nothing
The transcript search function has been updated to be less punctuation-sensitive. It used to be that if you searched for "Son of a bitch!" you would get different results than if you entered simply "Son of a bitch" - this is poor behaviour, as it restricts results in an unreasonable way. The search will now ignore all periods, commas, exclamation points and question marks, as it should have in the first place. I might alter it further in order to allow searching by words rather than pronunciation (i.e. Reveille rather than revelee), but that is a massive undertaking that isn't that high on my list of priorities right now.

Also, the Spanish has been updated and corrected all the way up to Reconstruction episode 2.
2011-04-26 10:34AM · Comments (0)
Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs Blue

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