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December 23, 2005 - A special morning for Rooster Tooths
This morning the 1000th unique IP hit came to the Strangerhood part of this site, meaning all 4 subdomains now have at least 1000 unique hits. The total unique hits is getting up around 10,000 too, so another site milestone will soon be reached, and after only 6 weeks of operation. It's very exciting for the site. I'm taking it out for cake later today.

As you can see, some users don't even venture anywhere other than the Rooster Teeth main area of the website. For those who do, though, there are twice as many who visit the Red vs Blue area as there are who visit the Strangerhood and PANICS parts combined. I guess we all know which is their flagship show...
2005-12-23 4:08AM · Comments (7)
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#1: CrimsonGhost said at 2005-12-23 4:18AM:

dude, come on, you know that we all pretty much just use your wondermous transcrpits, shit, I have had an episode up in one window, and the transcripts in another, just so I didn't have to have the volume on my computer turned on
#2: tjxlinkin said at 2005-12-23 5:12AM:

dude your site is great... keep up the good work and more people will come... HAHAHA i sound like field of dreams "if you build it they will come"
#3: forensic said at 2005-12-23 10:20AM:

Only 6 weeks? Really? It's only been that long? Is this too manny questions? Can I ask another one? I didn't give you much choice did I? I did it again didn't I? 2Wow that got old fast. So Well done, you deserve to have atleast something successful in your life.
#4: CrazyForSW said at 2005-12-23 12:31PM:

That's awesome! Hope you have fun with the cake thing.
#5: Nobody said at 2005-12-23 6:58PM:

I want cake!
#6: Kabuse said at 2005-12-24 10:48PM:

Your transcipts is the only reason I even considered continuing the Chapters on my site. without them, I would not have had PUMA to stumble upon, and therefore would have given up after the fifth or so chapter.
#7: Gilluin said at 2005-12-25 2:10PM:

You know for a little while I was watching the episodes and copying the script down in another window...But after the 7th episode I got bored with it and stoped. But now that they are on here and combined with PUMA I now have acess to any quote in about 5 sec. So thanks and Keep up the good work Di!
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