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November 15, 2005 - You may now comment on polls
Yep. Also, expect a new poll soon. Site's just rolling along!

In other site-related news, use and membership are both picking up quite nicely. The site launched just over 72 hours ago, and we already have 250 members and 1900 unique IP hits. I love it when things go smoothly, don't you?
2005-11-15 8:53PM · Comments (15)
Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs Blue, The Strangerhood, PANICS
Comments (1-15 of 15)
#1: Nobody said at 2005-11-15 8:54PM:

Yay! Go Dimono! I do too and this is a totally awesome site!
#2: DeeMonstar said at 2005-11-15 9:56PM:

#3: Gilluin said at 2005-11-16 1:43AM:

That's great! You have a very nice site here DiMono.
#4: Lopez_55 said at 2005-11-16 9:58AM:

#5: Simmons2.0 said at 2005-11-16 10:11AM:

I must say i was like the 50th person on here and I already downloaded everything!!!! i love it =!
#6: xox1011 said at 2005-11-16 10:53PM:

Great Site So Far
#7: swooper74 said at 2005-11-17 1:25AM:

Looks good, keep up the good work.

Is the Rooster Teeth main site down right now?

Did Gus kill our dogs again?
#8: Andyroyd said at 2005-11-17 2:09AM:

From what I've heard, it's down for maintainance. It's nice to have this site as a backup.
#9: Pantophobia said at 2005-11-17 2:44AM:

Maintainance? Oh, good. At first, I thought Gus erased the last 2 weeks of data or Geoff spilled coffee all over the server or somthing.
#10: ashlan said at 2005-11-17 3:17AM:

I think you'll find they're implementing all the new features they've been working so hard on:)
#11: NotABluetard said at 2005-11-17 1:07PM:

I came here when RvB was down last night.
Since most of us come from the RT forums, and this site is so similar to the RT forums, it is very easy to navigate.

Additionally, I really like the color schemes.
They suit the site well.
#12: Andyroyd said at 2005-11-17 2:35PM:

ashlan said:
I think you'll find they're implementing all the new features they've been working so hard on:)

Nope, they didn't... I think they would have warned us if this downtime was planned.

DiMono said:
we already have 250 members and 1900 unique IP hits
I think it's pretty cool that 108 people are currently online.
#13: DiMono said at 2005-11-17 5:20PM:

For anyone wondering, I believe I've fixed the problem with going to page 2 of news comments
#14: TheTealOne said at 2005-11-20 10:59AM:

I have always ben a big DiMono supporter...This site is really great... That being said... if you are looking for input... in the download sections where the quotes are and stuff you should use the EMBED tag or whatever tag you want so someone, such as myself may listen to grif say he was a girl streaming... if need be!
#15: Jambo51 said at 2005-11-24 8:32AM:

Yummy. A new site designed by DiMono. This should be good. Great place to go when RvB is not available. Which is not a lot, but hey, Not the point. Got to watch out for updates from this site.
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