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December 1, 2005 - Site statistics
This site's actually coming along pretty smoothly, I'm really quite impressed with how it's all working out. Launching to an existing fanbase is the best way to launch. Here's what this site has accomplished in three short weeks:
  • 5160 unique IP hits
  • 314 users

Also, more than 55% of those who have voted so far have said they want to see profiles, messaging and forums on this site. I have plans to make this a general community site, so I was already planning to write these features anyway, but now I know you want to see them here rather than me keeping them tucked away in a back room somewhere chained to a bedpost. The poll's still open though for those who want to check.

Also, look for transcripts for the Red vs Blue video "Zero Hour" and Strangerhood episode 9 soon. I've been delayed by other things I have to do, but hopefully I'll have some time later today to get the RvB transcript up.
2005-12-1 1:51AM · Comments (1)
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#1: hezekiah said at 2005-12-1 3:29PM:

Not bad stats there... definitely not roosterteeth numbers, but good nonetheless.
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